Introducing KOHE® by Suissegarde

KOHE® humanizes data security and individual privacy by making it easy and accessible for all.

We empower everyone to manage their data - wherever it is - without compromising security and privacy. 

Easily share, chat, collaborate, and save on any device - all data is encrypted end-to-end. 

Our collaboration holistic approach enables us to democratize the Blockchain.

KOHE® benefits from our 'DNA' of Swiss quality, neutrality and absolute discretion to re-establish the trust in data management with a true zero knowledge platform.

[ It’s all about you. Privacy included™. ]


All your personal and business services
in one application

With Kohe® you can access all services such as messaging, chat, data storage, calendars, contacts and more in one application. No need to continuously swipe back and forth between apps notifications on your smartphone!


No need to compromise data security
we take care of it for you

The Kohe® platform brings your business the latest proven security and encryption services so you do not need specialized IT personnel or costly consultants to manage it.


Flexible on-premises solution
available globally

Let the Kohe® Professional Services install and manage a complete environment with the latest proven security and encryption, from Switzerland or globally in your own datacenters, in partneship with your Corporate IT.


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